Consuming fire

This season i am walking through the fire.
It is hot and it is rough.
Sometimes it is ugly and full of pain and at the same time full of sacred moments and deep peace
i can t see were it leads me, but I choose to trust You.
I don t know how long it is gonna take.
But i know it is good what You are making.
I wanted the fire, i ve ask You to bring it,
It is the only way to become clean and new.
I don t feel lost and yet it is so close to that feeling.
The thing You keep saying to me is: “come and see the fourth Men in the fire, I am rigth here”
So that is what i will do and keep doing.
And when the flames are gone for just a moment, i see more clear then ever.
I feel Your heart so much closer.
That is my goal, You are my price
In the mean time…just do it, take what You please ,my life is fully Yours.