Hier vindt je antwoorden op vragen die we vaak krijgen. Als jouw vraag niet wordt beantwoord, aarzel dan niet om contact us .

No, we invite you to the conferences where we always take the time to prophesy about people.

No, Dite has created extensive teaching so that you can do this yourself with God. We refer you to Dromenjager the school and Dromenjager the podcast for education about interpretation of dreams and visions.

Yes, Dite has a calling to the nations.

Dite speaks under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and speaks what He reveals to her. Sharp, accurate, practical and activating. She likes to go into depth to speak truth and then makes it simple to understand. Dite will always take the time to minister and moves in the power of God. Send us an email so we can get in touch.

Dite will always ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to speak in that place and at that time. Her speaking engagements always have a link with the prophetic, understanding, understanding and following God.

Yes, that's possible. Send us an email so we can get in touch.

Yes, we believe in working with congregations and ministries that have a mandate in a place/region. Send us an email so we can get in touch.

Yes, the book has a special chapter for parents and for children. There is also a podcast episode especially for parents and children

Yes, that's possible. The book Dream Chaser and the English version Dreamchaser are also available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Yes, this was taken into account during the writing and structure of the book.